10 facts about me!

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I've seen loads of blogs do '50 facts about me' and thought I would give it a go..
I couldn't think of 50, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be..

So here's 10!

ONE: I have a severe nut allergy.. I've had this allergy since I was about 7/8 and I HATE it. It is actually the worst thing ever.. I can't eat some of my old favourite things anymore because they're not suitable for nut allergy sufferers and I have to be really careful when I go to restaurants and stuff, it's so much fussing. I also forget to take my epi-pen out with me most of the time, which is silly but it happens. It's very scary too, when you actually have a reaction.. It is terrifying.

TWO: I can't actually swim.. I've actually developed a fear of water.. I can get a bath and that obviously! I mean water that I haven't put there myself. I remember when I was much younger I did learn to swim a little bit. I wasn't very good though, I panicked a lot. After that I haven't learnt properly or been to the swimming baths or anything. And I don't really plan to tbh, I'm not that comfortable with the idea.

THREE: My biggest fear s the dark.. I don't know how this actually started but for as long as I can remember the dark has been my biggest fear. I really don't like it at all. Sometimes in the night I even have little tiny panic attacks (thankfully it's not that often) because I imagine hearing/seeing things in the dark. I thought I would have grown out of it by now (I'm 19) but oh well.

FOUR: I can say the alphabet backwards.. This is like my only talent aha! I think I learnt it off some YouTube video? I can't really remember, it was a while ago.

FIVE: I read a lot.. What can I say? I love reading, it's one of my favourite things to do. I love being drawn out of reality and sucked into a book. My favourite book genre would be crime, I am starting to get into romance quite a bit now too though.

SIX: I LOVE lavender.. I absolutely adore the scent of lavender! I have lavender candles, air freshener, moisturiser, body lotion, hand cream, washing machine tablets and scented oil. It's my favourite smell ever! I also love the plant and the way that it's always associated with the colour lilac because that is a cute colour.

SEVEN: My dream job is to own my own day nursery.. I love working with children. I am a qualified nursery nurse and currently looking for a job. Owning my own day nursery would be amazing.

EIGHT: I love having dreams about Zombies.. This is really silly aha but I do.. I absolutely love them, I think about it like all day after I dream it. I wouldn't want it to happen in real life, I just really enjoy the dreams. Most of the time my dreams are kind of like Dead Island(Ps3 game).

NINE: My favourite day trip is to some place in Wales that I can't spell(sorry).. It has a big long walk along a stream and at the end of it there's a waterfall, a bridge and a lake with loads of huge rocks on one side that you can sit on.. It is beautiful. Next time I go, I'll take pictures and blog them(and also find out how to spell the name) It also has a restaurant there by where the walk starts and the food is yummy.

TEN: This took me so long to think off.. I can't even think of a tenth one..


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