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Hello there!
A week or so ago I wrote a blog post called 'Book recommendations!' and at the end of it I mentioned that I would eventually do a Kindle edition because I have a few really good books on there.. So here it is!
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The first one I'm going to mention is 'Exit Kingdom' by ALDEN BELL.
I mentioned this book a little bit in a past blog post (HERE) This book is amazing. ALDEN BELL is one of my new favourite writers. As I've said before, I love things that are post-apocalyptic and I love Zombie things. This book along with the previous book I mentioned 'The Reapers Are The Angels' also by ALDEN BELL are the two I recommend the most!

This book is called 'The Language Of Flowers' by VANESSA DIFFENBAUGH. This book is just lovely. This book is very emotional. It's about a girl called Victoria who has spent her childhood in the foster care system, she has learnt how to communicate using flowers because she doesn't feel very comfortable around people. I'm not going to get into it and tell you everything, but if you like romantic, emotional and heartbreaking books.. then this one is for you!

The next one is called 'Hide And Seek' by P.S. BROWN. This is a psychological thriller with a huge twist! When you start reading this book, you will never put it down! Basically there's a guy called Peter and the death of one of his old school friends brings about a school reunion with Peter and the rest of his childhood friends. He wakes up the day after the funeral and finds that all his friends are missing along with all his possessions and that he is placed at the centre of a game of hide and seek. That's all I'm saying!

The last book that I am going to mention is 'Safe House' by CHRIS EWAN. If you're interested in crime/detective novels, then this one is good! I wouldn't say it's brilliant because I did get a bit confused in the middle and I hate it when that happens! But that could just be me and the rest of the book was great so I'm still recommending it! I can't really explain this book without revealing all so i'll just say this.. A guy called Rob wakes up in hospital after a motorcycle crash and is told that the woman who he claims was travelling with him doesn't exist.. The woman he describes has a huge resemblance to his recently deceased sister.. That makes you want to read it doesn't it? ;)

Thank you for reading! (Yes, I have added a signature to the end of my blog)

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