Do you have stretchmarks/scars?

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I'm not ashamed to say that I have stretchmarks and scars, who doesn't have them!
There's nothing wrong with stretchmarks and that, I would just rather not have them.. They affect my confidence and I already have very little of that.

I was watching a beauty product show and about half way through it, they were reviewing products to help with stretchmarks and scars.. this was number two I think? I can't remember number one, but I couldn't afford it so I went for second best and invested in this.. PALMER'S COCOA BUTTER FORMULA.

It is amazing! I have been using it for a few weeks everyday (well, almost) and it has made my marks so much more less visible! I am actually very surprised at how well it actually worked because I've tried products such as bio oil for months now and nothing seemed to work for me.

The only thing I would say though is that you would probably be better off getting the mousse version because this one can be hard to get out because it is the solid formula.

I would highly recommend this product!

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