Drugstore buys worth a mention!

by - 11:08:00

I haven't included the makeup items that I've used before (If you'd like to know what I usually use then tell me and i'll do a blog post) These two items I brought from Superdrug two days ago I think? But anyway, yeah! I am really impressed with them so I thought I'd give them a mention.

The first one is a red lipstick (I'm a bit of a red lipstick addict!) it's called 'naughty' and it's by beautyuk(obv) I love it! It makes your lips feel lovely, it doesn't dry them out or anything. the colour is really pigmented and it's just beautiful! The lipstick also has a scent & taste of mint, which I think is unusual. This was about £3 something.

I really needed to invest in a liquid concealer! I brought this one because it was the cheapest (I'm not made of money!) and because it's the only one that had the shade 'ivory' which is the colour I prefer to use as foundation. This is made by Rimmel, I am really happy with this purchase. This was about £5.49.


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