How to do the popular vintage fringe!

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Today I thought I would do a tutorial! This is my first tutorial ever so I am sorry if it isn't that helpful, I tried my best! I've been asked a few times by people I bump into in the street and stuff how I do this hairstyle, so I thought I'd do this one first.
Before I start, I would like to say that I'm sorry about the rest of my hair, it's currently a frizzy mess.
Lets go!

What you will need:

  • Bobby pins (Preferably large ones)
  • A brush/comb 
  • Hairspray 

STEP ONE: Select the part of your hair on one side that you are going to use. (If you have a short fringe like me, pull longer pieces of your hair over it)

STEP TWO: Go to the end of the section and curl it over so it meets the hair again and forms a loop.

STEP THREE: Roll your hair up using the loop you just made until it reaches the top of your forehead (roll it so it's curling towards your face not away from it).

STEP FOUR: When you get to the top of your forehead, place a bobby pin on each side. (less fiddly with larger pins, but small pins work just the same!) 

You should end up with something like this..

STEP FIVE: Gently pull either side and fiddle with the fringe until it's in a place that you like.

Fix it with hairspray and there you go! You can also do those same steps in the middle of your head and pull either side to make a full vintage fringe, I always wear mine on the side so I did the tutorial for that.

Good luck!


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  1. I love to do my fringe like this, it's so easy and yet looks impressive! It looks great with your dark hair!

  2. you look beautiful no matter how you do your hair but i do love this glamour look on you xxx