I REALLY recommend this book!

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Recently, I wrote a blog post called 'Book Recommendations' and as I was reading over it the other day I realised that I had forgot about one of my current favourites! 'The Reapers Are The Angels' by ALDEN BELL. I decided that it was too good to leave out so  i'm making a post for it!

My boyfriend actually brought this for me, I had been wanting it for weeks. This book is amazing, I've read it at least three times. I love it.
It's about a little girl called Temple surviving on her own in a post-apocalyptic world (I love Zombie things!) she is haunted by her past and gets pursued by a guy called Moses Todd who is determined to kill her because she killed his brother.

ALDEN BELL has also wrote another novel called 'Enter Kingdom' which is written in the eyes of Moses Todd, that has also got to be one of my favourite books! Unfortunately I don't own this book, it's on my kindle.. Some time soon i'm going to do a book recommendation blog post but about books that I have on my kindle(I have loads of good ones on there!) so that should be fun!

These two books have got to both be in my top 5 reads!

I HIGHLY recommend these two books!

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