The Forest of Dean.

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My dad and I went on a little holiday for a few days to a place called 'the Forest of Dean' about 2 and a half years ago I think? It was beautiful

If you like long walks or if you are into nature or photography, then it's definitely the place to go!

I'm not really in to photography but on this holiday I think I actually carried a camera around with me wherever we went! 

I took so many photos, it's mad. (Not gong to spam you with pictures, don't worry!)

My dad loves photography, he also took a camera with all his lenses and such and took even more photos than me!

I don't have any photos of the hotel cottage that we stayed in, I can't find them..

But it was lovely! It had a field of sheep round the back of it too, which I thought was really cute. We also got breakfast for free every morning.
Another good thing was that one of the entrances to the Forest of Dean was basically over the road.

I hope that some day soon we can go again, or I can go with someone else.

I absolutely loved it!

When we were there we also visited old monasteries and castles, there are actually quite a few of them close by. I love visiting old places like that and museums! I love museums!

Where is the most beautiful place you have visted?


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