Blog ideas!

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Hello there!
Yesterday on this post, I mentioned that I was planning on doing certain weekly blog posts.
I said I would keep you updated, so here you go!

On Mondays I am going to do 'How to..' blog posts about how to do different things, like this post I did a while a go or a blog post about my weekend.
On Tuesdays I am going to carry on with the quote blog posts.
On Wednesdays I am going to do blog posts about something to do with my life, this could be anything from a fact to a day out.
On Thursdays I am going to do a post about beauty, this could be anything at all to do with fashion, makeup, products or hair.
On Fridays I am going to do 'follow friday' blog posts (yes, I got this idea off Twitter!)
On Saturdays I am going to do weekly recommendations.
And on Sundays I am going to continue to not post because that's the only day I see my boyfriend because he's always working.

This is all going to start on Monday :)

What do you think?

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