Charity shop haul and my new favourite chocolate!

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Hello there! 
As I have mentioned before, I volunteer at a charity shop in Crosby village.. I absolutely love working there! The other day I was working on the till and as I was walking round making sure everything was in size order and stuff, I spotted some lovely clothes and decided to buy them before I left.. I got these 4 items for about £8 all together which is really good!

This shirt is absolutely lovely, I love it! It's jade green and has dots sewn into it. It's light so you can wear it when its sunny or with other layers when it's cold, it also goes with loads of different clothes!
I absolutely adore this grey skirt! I really like the pattern along the top of it.
I was a bit unsure about buying this skirt, but it was only £3 so I brought it anyway. When I finished work and went home, I tried it on and loved it! I'm so happy that I decided to get it in the end.
I love high waisted shorts so much so when I found these I was very happy because I need new shorts and these are perfect!

In other news, have you tried this chocolate?!
Marvellous Creations - Jelly Poppin Candy Shells?!
It's my new favourite!


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