Life is like a bicycle..

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Hello there!
I came across this quote on Pinterest this morning and fell in love with it. Life is like riding a bicycle when you think about it. When riding a bicycle, if you stop and lose balance, you fall.. You have to keep riding to keep your balance (or put your feet down but that's not the point!). If you think about it, that's like life in many ways..

You need balance in your life. If you are riding a bicycle and lean too far to one side, you fall. You need balance in various areas of your life and if you lean too much to one side something happens, whether it's good or bad.
     When learning to ride a bicycle, you stumble.. but with more practice and experience you go far. Life is like this, you learn from your mistakes and grow. As you grow from a baby you also learn new things, how to walk for example.
     A bike does not move on it's own, you have to move it yourself and keep it going. No matter what happens, pick yourself up! and carry on. Don't go into your own little bubble or give up.
     You can't ride a bicycle forever. Nothing lasts forever, Life doesn't last forever. Sorry to be so morbid but it's true! Enjoy it while it lasts, you only have one life after all.

I need to start listening to myself more often.. I'm one of those people who can give advice to people but I don't follow it myself..

Sorry if you are like me and you are now singing Queen 'Bicycle' in your head on repeat..


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  1. This lovely, interesting metaphor for life! I think it's so true that you need to keep going whatever happens, because you'll eventually get to where you want to be! Great post :) xx