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Hello there!
The other night my Dad and I sorted out the cupboard in our hall (we've always just thrown random things in it to get them out the way) and we found loads of interesting things. We found bin bags of clothes that had been forgotten and other random things like a chair that folds up. I was quite shocked to find a load of old Ju-Jitsu belts, I know for a fact that I left them all at my mums when I moved out.

I was very happy to find part of my old Horrible Histories collection! I love these books so much (and the TV series), I can't wait for the film that's currently being made to come out! 

I've read all of these books loads so I don't really know what to do with them, I might give them to the charity shop that I work in because we sell a lot of books! I don't see the point in keeping them, I don't think I'll read them again.

I also found 3 of my Jaqueline Wilson books! She used to be my favourite writer when I was younger, I'm really disappointed that I only found 3 of them.. I think the rest of them could be in my mum's attic but I don't know, I hope so *fingers crossed*. 

I remember reading 'My Sister Jodie' and crying my eyes out because my sister is called Jodie, if you've read it you will know what happens, I put myself too much in the girls shoes and got a bit too emotional, it was horrible! I actually went and gave my sister a hug in tears after I read it the first time! 

Who was your favourite writer when you were younger?


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  1. Oh I forgot about those books! They were so good. I also really liked Roal Dahl...there was other but I honestly can't remember :/ xx

    Sinead |

    1. Oh my gosh, I loved Roald Dahl! Enid Blyton was good too! x