New mascara and travel sickness!

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Hello there!
I have been in dire need of a new mascara for weeks now but haven't had the money to spend on it as I am currently saving up for my trip to York with my boyfriend at the beginning of August).
I went in to Superdrug the other day looking for a cheaper one than my usual, found this and thought that I would give it a go..
This was about £3.99 and I have to admit that it's just as good as my usual one, in fact I think it's better! It does exactly what it says, It makes my lashes bold and makes them curl! I love it, I think I might actually make it my new usual.. it's much more affordable (my usual is Maybelline Falsies, which is £7.99) I was unsure about this mascara when I opened it and saw the brush because it is bigger than my usual and I have never used a big brush.. but after using it, I think I actually prefer bigger brushes.

In this post, I mentioned that I suffer from travel sickness (really bad!). When my boyfriend and I go to York, we will be on the coach for more than three hours so I really needed to get some things to help with that so I can make it to our destination and not have to embarrass myself in front of everyone else by throwing up (Like I did on almost every school trip as a child!)
I had a little conversation with one of the chemists that work in Boots and she recommended KWELLS, she told me that she also suffers with travel sickness and that these are the best tablets that  she's ever came across. They were £3.10, and come in a pack of 12. I haven't had a chance to try them out yet but when I do, I will be reviewing them so stay tuned! These tablets are supposed to melt in your mouth which I'm a bit nervous about because I've never had any tablets like that, I hope they taste nice! Or maybe they wont have a taste at all? Who knows!

I also brought this cheap pocket fan that folds up, because when I get travel sick having a breeze on my face makes me feel a bit better and I don't know what the whole 'window situation' is going to be. This was 99p from Ebay (link here) and it is actually very useful. It doesn't look that good but it does it's job really well!


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  1. That's great about the mascara- I would have never guessed!

    Nature With Nurture

    1. I know! I'm glad I did! :)
      Danielle xo