New shoes and 2 drink reviews.

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Hello there!
I went to my mums yesterday and my wonderful sister gave me a pair of shoes..
She had got them for herself but they didn't fit so she gave them to me!
I love them, they are so cute! and very comfy! Here they are..

On my way to work yesterday, I went into Home Bargains to buy myself a drink and found that they are now selling two, yes two new flavours of Fanta! My all time favourite Fanta flavours will always be Peach & Apricot and Fruit Twist, they are by far the best! Obviously, I had to buy myself one of each of the new flavours to try, here are my reviews!

Fanta Red Fruits - I wasn't actually much of a fan of this flavour.. It was alright like, I probably would get it again but I don't think it would be my first choice.
Fanta Mango & Passionfruit - Oh. My. Gosh. This is a lovely drink, it was so yummy. I will defiantly be getting this drink again and yes it would be my first choice (If there is no Fruit Twist/Peach & Apricot of course!).

What's your favourite Fanta flavour?

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  1. your shoes look so darling! i need a pair like those!

    lindsey louise

    1. Thank you :)
      They were from a charity shop so I can't really tell you where you could get a pair! :')
      Danielle xo