Random book recommendation!

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Hello there!

Two nights ago, I finished a book called 'The Magpies' by MARK EDWARDS, It was amazing!
I'm probably going to end up reading it again in the near future! It's a psychological thriller (the best kind of book in my opinion!) It's about a young couple that move into the flat of their dreams, they plan on starting a family in this flat and every one of their neighbors seem absolutely lovely, but then strange things start to happen.. dead rats are left on their doorstep (and other things but I don't want to ruin it!) It's an extremely  gripping book, you will never put it down! Until you finish it of course.. This is one of the best psychological thrillers I've read because the monsters are not vampire or anything, this could happen to anyone.

I really recommend this book, I absolutely loved it!

What book genre do you like reading most?

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