Weekly recommendations #1

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Hello there! 
As I mentioned in this post, I'm going to start putting all my recommendations together in one post and do it weekly. (I'm thinking about every Wednesday, that's a nice day)
So here we go! (This one is less that a week, I started this one on 4/7/13)

This book was part of the Amazon weekly deal (They send you an email weekly recommending a book and every book mentioned is 80% off!) I brought this one basically for the front cover and title, which isn't a good reason but I did.. When I read about the book after buying it however, I thought it sounded great and I was very glad I brought it.
This book is not what you expect, when you find out whats happening you will be shocked! If you like crime/detective novels, then this one is for you! (And if you're an emotional person like me then good luck reading the last couple of chapters, not going to lie.. I cried like a baby)
But anyway! I highly recommend this book, I always say this but I mean it so much now aha!
Someone should definitely make this book into a film! That would be amazing.

Oh my gosh, this CD. I got this CD for my dad as a present for fathers day (he loves it) and I can't get enough of it! It's so lovely! It's Simon and Garfunkel's greatest hits. It's always being played in the car, it's on my iTunes and it's on my phone. I love every single song on this CD, I could listen to it all on repeat for hours which is weird for me as I am one of those people that get bored of a song rather quickly. Anywho, I recommend that you all go out right now and purchase it!

I finished this book the other night, I wouldn't say that it was amazing but I did think that it was really good and I think it deserves a mention! It's a crime thriller, it's part of a series called the 'Jon Stanton mysteries' I am going to carry on and read more books from this series.. In fact, I downloaded one this morning! It's about a killer known as 'The Sandman' hunting his victims.. Jon Stanton is a detective who is trying to find him but it's not easy as it seems or what he expects it to be.. This is the second in the series so I shouldn't have really read this one first, but I didn't know until I finished the book!


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