Weekly recommendations #3

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Hello there!
This weeks weekly recommendations is about the remaining books by Iain Rob Wright! Yes that's right, I finished all his books!
Anyway, lets go!

The first book is called 'Animal Kingdom' it's basically about Animals turning against humanity. The main characters are unfortunate to be visiting a zoo when it happens. It makes you think about what would happen to you if it actually happened, I have a few pets so it made me feel a bit weird, I wouldn't really like being ripped to pieces by my 'fur babies'.. I wouldn't like being ripped to pieces by anything come to think about it aha! Very faced paced book and it starts straight away, you wont be putting it down! I loved it.

This next one is called 'The Peeling Trilogy' you can get all three of them in one book (which I did) or as three separate books. To describe this trilogy in one word, I would say scatty.. I shivered many times as I was reading it. It's about a deadly plague (known as the peeling) that makes your skin rot and fall away *shiver* each book is about a different survivor of the plague.. Book one is called 'Jeremy's Choice' it is about a security guard (called Jeremy) who works for the news (not going to tell you too much!) Book two is called 'The Stadium' (I liked this story the best!) this is about a guy called Brett who went to the stadium for safety, along with loads of other people.. but are they safe? (read to find out ;)) Book three is called 'Warriors' this one is about Sergeant Parker who, along with his squad, travels around looking for survivors. 

I haven't quite finished the book that I am reading at the moment so I'm going to recommend it next week instead. I haven't read any more books than the ones that I have mentioned (besides what I am reading now) and I haven't watched any new films so that's why this weekly recommendations blog post is shorter than usual.

Have you read any good books lately or seen any good films?

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