Weekly recommendations #4

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Hello there!
There are no books (?!) in this weeks weekly recommendations! So sorry for that, I just haven't really had the time to read.
In fact, there's not actually that much to put in this blog post.

YAY! WAHOO! That's right, I finally watched Despicable Me 2! Oh my gosh, It was so good!
I don't know whether I would say that this one was better than the first one, I just can't make up my mind.
If you haven't seen the second one then you should definitely watch it!
If you haven't even seen the first one then that's crazy, go watch it right now, just go.

 Another film I finally watched, The Purge! This film was given quite a few bad reviews when it came out but it really wasn't that bad! I would watch it again..
I would actually recommend you watch it, even just once.. give it a try :)
If you don't know what it's about, basically one day every year all crime is made legal..
I thought the guy in it was quite handsome as well..

Sorry that there isn't that much this week!

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  1. I STILL haven't seen Despicable Me 2 yet! :( The Purge looked too creepy for me to even consider watching, I don't do well with wooden dummies & these kind of remind me of them.. haha.



    1. You need to watch it! It's amazing! :)
      I don't like dummies at all, this film did creep me out but it wasn't that bad :)
      Danielle xo