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If you didn't know, I'm going to start doing a 'blog posts of the week' weekly blog post every Friday..
Basically, I will pick 5 blog posts that I love from the past week and show them to you..
I'll add links so you can check them out and follow the blogger if you wish..
Let's get started..

This post is only from Wednesday, so it's not actually a full week..

The first post is by Bird's Words (If you don't know her, then I suggest you check out her blog!) 
This post of the week is about confidence and comfort zones, she shares with us her tips to become more confident.. As I've said before, I'm not a very confident person, I used to be but now I'm actually quite shy.. I will be trying out some of these tips in the future, especially during interviews!
'Confidence & Comfort Zones | My Tips for a more confident you!'

The next blog post comes from Wonder forest 
In this post, she shares with us Artists of Instagram.. They are amazing and so talented, I've followed a few of them! If you're into art and drawings.. then you should definitely check them out!
'Artists of Instagram'

The third post is by one of my favourite bloggers Thee Optimist
In this post, she talks about her opinion on the Midi Skirt. I used to dislike any skirt that went over my knee, but now I love them!
'Currently Craving: The Midi'

The forth and final blog post comes from Independent Fashion Bloggers
Every blogger gets a little stressed sometimes, this post is about how to blog when you're stressed.
If you ever feel too stressed, then give this post a little look.. (it helped me!)
'How to blog when you're stressed out'

Do you have any favourite blog posts from the past few days?

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