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Hello there!
I'm one of those people who have the same makeup routine every single day, I like it.
I thought I'd share today's getting ready routine with you lovely people!

I don't have the confidence to post a picture of me without any make up on, sorry.

I always start with my face! First I apply concealer (Rimmel wake me up concealer in Ivory) under my eyes and on casual spots around my face, I then cover my whole face and neck with foundation (Maybelline dream matte mousse also in Ivory) The last step for my face, I apply bronzer to my cheekbones (MUA in shade 2).

After I've finished my face, I move on to eyes and eyebrows.. I fill in my eyebrows using just a casual dark brown eyeshadow (This one is Kubiss mono eyeshadow no.24) then shape them with a dark brown eyebrow pencil (Rimmel in shade 4 - black brown) I apply one coat of mascara (NYC big bold curl) then put on liquid eyeliner (The label has rubbed off.. but it says Fast stroke and the shade is Black 1) I always add the flicks :) Lastly, I add another coat of mascara.

If you know me you will know that I l-l-love lipstick! Today I am using my favourite lip liner (maxfactor shade 10 - red rush) and one of my favourite lipsticks (Beauty UK in shade 8 - naughty)

and that's my every day makeup routine!

My cute little morning distraction.

Last night I slept in Pin curls,
this is what they look like when you take them out.

Today's hairstyle! Folds and pin curls! (Hard to get a good picture..)

Today's outfit!
Vest top- Matalan
Green shirt- Charity shop
Pencil skirt- Dorothy Perkins
Shoes- Charity shop

Do you do the same makeup routine every day?

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  1. love this post, your hair also looks amazing!
    i would love if you could check out my blog, im new to the idea of blogging so i would be grateful if you could read my blog and give any sort of feedback or advice you have.