My new beautiful corset!

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Hello there!
I ordered a new corset weeks ago and it finally arrived on Monday! I absolutely love it, I've worn it every day since (wearing it right now!) it is beautiful. link. Ignore the picture,  aha! I wear it under clothes not in a sexy way! I'm waist training. (if you don't know what that is then click here)

I am so happy I brought it! Wearing a corset always makes me feel pretty, even though no one else see's it! I especially love the pattern that's on it.

I decided to buy it in white because my other corset is a dark colour and I need a light one to go with my light dresses..

Here it is from the front:

Here it is from the side:
Here it is from the back: sorry that this one is a little out of focus!

Isn't it just beautiful?!

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  1. this corset is so very beautiful!

  2. Nice corsets it is very good your corset is amazing i like it there is another collection which i like