My week on Instagram!

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1-  When I went out with Chris, I got a pitcher of my favourite cocktail (Blue Lagoon) that I tried and drank a few times when we were in York.
2- I wore my new vintage skirt for the first time, which I brought from a charity shop in York. Mentioned in this blog post.
3- Jet came round and stayed over at mine for 4 days! I haven't seen her in months so it was lovely.
4- My favourite drink ever from Costa, a strawberry cooler with cream, yum!
5- A book that my parents wrote for me, with me and a few of my friends as the characters when I was a child, my mum and I found it in the attic. Mentioned in this blog post.
6- Kim used to sleep down the side of my bed when she was a tiny puppy, recently she's been squeezing herself into the space and napping. She couldn't get out easily so she cried, it was cute! aha!

Lily of the valley

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