Oh, to be my dog..

by - 13:13:00

Everything is just great for you, isn't it?

I was laying in bed last night, giving my dog a little cuddle and I realised how easy her life is..

She can nap whenever she wants and no one says 'Get out of bed and do something with your day!'
She can act like a child for the rest of her life and no one would say anything about it..
Whenever she wants some love and attention, she just walks on over to someone and there you go!
She can just laze around all day if she wants to and doesn't get judged..
She doesn't have the stress of friendships and relationships..
She's beautiful all the time! even when she just wakes up or she's been out in the rain..
She doesn't have to worry about getting a job or getting good grades in school etc..
She doesn't have to do her hair, make up or get changed..
Everyone is her friend..
She's not alone.. 

Oh, to be my dog..

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