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First of all, I would like to apologise for not blogging for a couple of days, I've had a lot going on and I took a well deserved break!

This blog post is basically just a mash of random thoughts/things that have happened the past few days, hence the name 'Ramblings'..

Lets start with this little cutie!

This is my little sister, Jodie, on her passport photo when she was around 9. Isn't she just the sweetest little thing?! I came across this in my Mum's house and I just had to share it! Look at that cheeky little smile!
When I look at this photo, it reminds me of the time when she did her own little raffle in our house (aw!) and she was walking around with an empty Sainsburys bag saying 'Put the raffle tickets in the Sainsburys baaaaaag' in her cute little child voice, dragging out the word 'bag' and making it even more adorable!
If you were there when that happened, you would be smiling or even laughing to yourself as you read this.

Oh my gosh, what a cute memory! And she's 18 tomorrow, where does it go!

Do you have any brothers and sisters? How old are they?

I went round to my Boyfriend's house the other day (he went to Amsterdam last night :(, I miss him already) and I tried this beauty!

Have you tried it yet?

It was ah-may-zing!! I didn't expect it to be as yummy as it was!

If I ever come across it in a shop, I am definitely going to buy it and eat it right there! Yum!

I haven't had a chance to read much or watch any new films as I've been too busy (Which is why I haven't done a Weekly Recommendation post), but today (about an hour before writing this) I finished reading 'Behind closed doors' by JENNY TOMLIN. It was such a good read, I couldn't put it down!

I wrote about the next book 'Silent Sisters' that Jenny wrote with her sister, Kim, in this post.

This one is about her childhood, she had such a bad time as a child, I'm so glad everything has worked out for her now!

I'm going to continue reading the other books that she has written.. and I recommend you try some out too :)

Who's watching the new Stephen King series 'Under the Dome'? I am and it's not bad.. I thought it would have been better than it is though to be honest, I think it's the actors? I don't know.. I'm going to read the book soon..

You're probably bored of me rambling on now.. aha! I'll stop now and let you go :)

Thanks for reading!

                                        Lily of the valley

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