A little bit of me

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Pieces of my room that make me happy.. I have loads of my childhood things, so yeah. 

This wall contains everything.. Inspiration, memories, Information etc.
My bedside corner.. Picture of my nan and grandad, my mum and I, candle, worry angel and rosary beads.
The end of my bedside corner.. My Owl oil burner that Chris got me, my oils and a little bottle of tap water.
The other side of my bed.. Memories, worry doll box containing worry dolls, lucky stones, lucky items, Buddha.
Close up of my worry doll box and some worry dolls..
Candle that Chris brought me when we went to York.. Strawberry and Kiwi!
Random bit of my room.. Memories, a pillow that my cousin made me on my 1st birthday and library books.
Bookshelf! Complete with tiny teddies! (I'm such a hoarder)
More books! Because you can never have enough.
Another bit of that wall that contains everything.. Memories, stickers, notes etc.
Another random bit of my room.. Buddha Shakyamuni canvas, piggy bank and a memory book that my sister made me for my birthday.

So there it is! What's your bedroom like? Do you keep any of your childhood items?

                                   Lily of the valley

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