A successful day..

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Yesterday, I spent the day with my sister Jodie! We went to Town for a meal and a bit of clothes shopping, it was lovely! The only down side was the fact that there was no prawn toast at the Chinese we went to eat at.. I had no prawn toast to dip into my soup!
On the bright side, what a successful day of shopping I had! I hardly ever end up finding things I want and buying them.. want to see what I got?

I bagged myself a new bag ;) ha! I absolutely love this bag, I almost walked right past it but then I saw it and just grabbed it! It was only £8! I love the pattern on it and the way that it closes.
Because you can never have to many of the basics! Leggings, tights and underwear!

How cute is my new purse? My sister pointed it out.
I love long purses, I don't know what it is about them.. My other one broke so I needed to get a new one, glad my sister pointed this one out!

I absolutely love the shared earth shop on Bold Street, even if I have no money I love just going in and having a wander, looking at all the amazing and cute things they sell (if you haven't been there then I suggest you go!) I got a new bottle of lavender fragrance oil because I'm running low (little bit obsessed with lavender!), some cinnamon incense sticks and some lily of the valley incense sticks. I currently have a lily of the valley one smokin' and it is gorgeous! 

The top on the left is actually red, my camera is rubbish right now sorry, I'm planning to buy a new one.
I love lace! It feel so lovely and looks cute!
The dress on the right is beautiful! I absolutely love it! When I wear it, I'll do an OOTD post to show you :)

Lily of the valley

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