My week on Instagram!

by - 21:27:00

1- Chris got me some candy sticks! I used to eat them loads when I was younger, what about you?
2- I stayed over at my Nan's because I don't see her as much as I want to and she has spare rooms so why not? :) That's my Nan's cat, Rosie!
3- Chris and I went to one of my favourite restaurants, The Red Squirrel, mm!
4- I've seen Ivy so much this week!
5- I've became addicted to a new game I downloaded on my phone called 'Jelly Splash' (as you can see, it drained my battery!) It's a lot like 'Candy Crush' but it's cuter and you can do more things.
6- I painted my nails for once! If you know me, you will know that my nails are hardly ever painted.. Lets see how long it is until I take it off! aha!

                                 Lily of the valley

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