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I went to the shop yesterday to get a few bits and pieces that I needed (as you will see on the next post which I will come back and link here), I came across this and decided to try it out instead of getting the shower gels that I normally get. Guess what scent it is? Lily of the valley! aha! whey! It smells delicious and it feels amazing and makes your skin so soft and smooth! I really do recommend it and it's cheep as chips! I think it was either 99p/£1 something.. (Sorry I'm rubbish at remembering prices!) I couldn't love this product more, I think I've found a new favourite! ;)

I already have this but I have the solid formula that comes in the little pot.. (I wrote a review about it here). I found it quite annoying and awkward to use as it is quite solid and it's only easy if it's melted! Which is a bit of a time-taker.. So I decided to buy the mousse version and it is so much better and easier to put on! It was around £5 so it isn't that expensive.. It is amazing! it's makes your skin so soft! (and works wonders for stretchmarks and scars!) If you decide to buy Palmer's cocoa butter formula, I really do suggest you get the mousse version!

I've used this face powder loads, I used to get it all the time before I moved to MUA face powder.. 
They didn't have Shade 1 yesterday so I switched back to Collection pressed powder in Ivory.. I love it, I don't know why I changed! It's great and your skin feels lovely and smooth when you have it on!
I also needed to buy some autumny/wintery (they're words, right?) lipstcks as mine are all summery, I went for one Collection 'Queen of Hearts' I love it, It's a dark red (everyone knows I'm in love with red lipsticks!) and it's beautiful!

Lily of the valley

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