The cutest shoes you ever did see..

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In this post, I mentioned that I was going to do a blog post about some of the items I brought.. And here it is! :)
(not including the items that I wrote about in my New makeup and beauty products review)
I finally got new tights! I am in dire need of new tights! (thanks to my sister's puppy) They were only like £3 ish for both of them too! I got plain black ones (right) and a pair that has a lovely floral pattern on it (left) I've worn them both since and they are perfect!
How cute are these shoes?! Aren't they just perfect?!
I am so happy that I came across these! I actually brought these from a charity shop which is even better as they never ever seem to have my size in shoes! It must have been my lucky day ;)

Lily of the valley

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