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Lets start with a book.. I read my very first Stephen King book! (and I bloody loved it!) I went the library later on in the week and got two more! It has 4 stories in it and each one is as good as the other.
The first one is called '1922',  I think I liked this one the most (except the cow bit, that was sad) basically a man convinces his son to help him murder his mum and it all goes wrong.
The second one is called 'Big Driver', in this one a woman takes a short cut and gets brutally raped and almost murdered.. She finds out what happened and who planned it and seeks revenge.
The third one is called 'Fair Extension', I loved this one! A man is dying of cancer and makes a 'deal with the devil' so that he can have 15 more years of life.. but everything comes with a price!
The fourth, and last, story is called 'A Good Marriage', in this one, a woman finds a secret box of her husband's and finds another woman's information cards (DL etc) inside.. but is it what she thinks?
I recommend this book to everyone! (as I do most good books I read!)

I watched this film the other day with my boyfriend, I love it. It's about the tooth fairy.. but not the kind we are told about as children. I'm not going to say much as I don't want to ruin things for you if you decide to watch it, but the tooth fairy is looking for her old teeth (she had them ripped out) and chooses a little girl to help her.. This film is not how you think it is going to be and it has a HUGE twist at the end! (but I wont go into that).  
If you like horror, then I recommend this film to you!

Chris and I also watched this.. Yes, we watched another documentary about conspiracy theories!
This one was actually really interesting, especially the part about the Christian religion! 
I recommend this as a one time watch, you will be really shocked!

                                 Lily of the valley

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