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Butcher Boys
I expected this film to be so much better than it actually was, who doesn't love a bit of cannibalism and gore?!
Don't get me wrong, this film wasn't terrible, but I'm not going to say it was great.. I wouldn't watch this film again..
You know something that I hate? I hate films that leave you with a load of unanswered questions! That is exactly what happened in this film!! What happened to the girl? What happened to the people in the area? Did the police sort everything or did everyone die? Someone please help me! ARGH!

The Ouija Experiment
Once again, I expected this film to be better than it actually was.
I would say this is a one-watch film though, worth a watch!
It's based on a true story, about a group of people who decide to try a Ouija Board but forget to say goodbye (you should always say goodbye before leaving the board) and that leaves them with some consequences..
The spirits story was quite easy to guess, and I did jump at parts!

                            Lily of the valley

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