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(Yay for Courage the Cowardly Dog)
It's almost Halloween so I thought why not share some creepy/disturbing stories with you!

I'm going to start with my favourite creepy one.. It is the mysterious case of Elisa Lam.. Heard of it?
To read it, click here. I would never stay in that hotel, it has too much history!

Now for my favourite disturbing story.. Oooo.. Aha! There is a debate on whether this one is true or not but either way it's weird.. It's the Russian Sleep Experiment, To read it click here. My sister actually told me about this one ages ago and I just love it, it's so weird!

Click here to see 40 Creepy two-sentence stories.

I used to be one of those people who would always forward those chain mails that said that if you don't somethings going to happen.. not because I believed them, but because I was too scared to take a chance.. The one that always got me was this one 'Humans can lick, too', EVERYONE has heard a version of this legend! You must have!

Another creepy legend that still makes me shiver is the Clown Statue.. I really hate this story, it's making me creep out just thinking about it! Click here to read it.

Are there any stories/legends that creep you out?

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