Should men pay on dates?

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I'm going to start putting a poll up each week and then do a blog post about it when the poll ends.. I recently put a poll on my blog asking whether you think that the man should pay when on a date.. 

In my opinion, I think that it's a load of balony.. I personally feel horrible if I let Chris pay for my meal (which I hardly ever do) and I always feel the need to pay him back or just pay the next time we go out. I prefer paying half each, I think that's the way it should be, fair is fair. 

50% of people on my poll thought that the man should pay and 50% thought that they shouldn't, tbh that is kind of what I expected, maybe a few more people voting against the man paying but oh well, aha!

Even on first dates, I still don't agree with the man paying.. The only time I would be kind of okay with the man paying is if it was my birthday or something, y'know? and that would be only if I was in a long-term relationship (like I am now)..

My new poll is up now if you fancy taking a few seconds out of your day to have a little vote!
'Should age gaps matter in a relationship?'

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