Starting work

by - 15:26:00

I am so excited, I can't hold it in! I want to open the window, stick my head out and scream 'I'M STARTING MY JOB, I'M A NURSERY NURSE, AHHHH!' But I am not going to, because I feel sorry for the innocent people passing.. I don't know how I would react if someone did that as I walking past.. I think I'd jump out of my skin and run a mile! aha!
But yes, I wrote a blog post about the job when I found out that I got it click here to see it (It only took me like a year and a half to get one, gosh what a wait!) but now my CRB and my DBS and all that is sorted, I can finally start! I should be starting next week and I couldn't be happier :)
I am a little nervous, but I'm sure everyone gets nervous before their first day, right?
I can't wait!

                           Lily of the valley

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