This weeks favourites!

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Favourite drink

Have you tasted this? It it gorgeous!

Favourite shoes

Slippers count, right?

Favourite accessory
This weeks favourite accessory is still the same as last weeks.. My bag.
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Favourite smell

First of all, how beautiful is this picture? I got it off Twitter.
Lavender is back to being my favourite smell, I just can't get enough of it!

Favourite book

I have finished reading this book yet, but up to now it is amazing! I love it! Have you read it?

Favourite thing to watch

I'm still buzzing off Lost, but this week I also watched Hollyoaks Later, how good was this season?!

Favourite make up

I have been loving this concealer, I've used this for months and I still love it!
To read my review of this product when I first used it, click here.

Favourite beauty product 

Everyone gets dry feet sometimes, this exfoliating foot scrub is amazing!

Favourite thing to listen to

I can't get enough of Peggy Lee recently, love her and her music!

Lily of the valley

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