What you can learn from horror films..

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It's Halloween tomorrow, AAAHH!
This idea popped into my head some time last week and I thought that it would be a great idea for a Halloween-y blog post! I spent hours coming up with all this and it was so much fun, not going to lie!
Let's get started!

Work as a team and don't split up: When you have the benefit of numbers, don't split up or go off alone! You find that in most horror films, that's how quite a lot of the people involved end up dying. Working as a team and staying together may just help you get out alive!

Watch where you run: It annoys me so much (as I'm sure it does loads of other people too!) when the person being chased trips over! Sometimes it's even more than once.. How silly is it?! If I was being chased I would be looking in front of me making sure that I don't fall, I don't want to be caught by some murderer because I was silly enough to trip over!

Politely greeting the killer DOES NOT WORK!: 'Hello?' 'Who's there?' 'Is anyone there?' What do you expect?! They're not exactly going to reply.. 'Oh hey, It's only me, What's up?'

Don't continue to live in that haunted house!: If a spirit tells you to leave, LEAVE!

ALWAYS check that the killer is dead, don't just assume: This happens in far too many films, what is wrong with these people?! You don't want to take the chance, you just tried to kill him for peaches sake!

Never read a demon summoning book out loud!: We've all seen Evil Dead (Have you seen the newest remake, it's amazing!) and we all know what happened because he decided to read that dammed book!

If the power goes out and you're going into the basement to turn it back on, take a damn torch!: Everyone always decides to take a candle.. and it ALWAYS gets blown out! A torch is far more trustworthy.

If appliances start to operate by themselves, get out: It's not normal!

Don't take/borrow anything from the dead!: Need I say anymore?

If you car breaks down/runs out of gas, don't stroll along to a nearby deserted-looking house to ask to use the phone:  You never know who will answer..

If a meteor strikes nearby, leave town!: E.T. was a nice guy, but think of all the others! In The War of the Worlds, they were cute but not nice at all! In Attack the Block, they looked like cuddly toys but they were certainly not nice! (still cuddly though!)

If you're being chased around a house by someone/something trying to kill you.. don't run upstairs!: Go out the Bl*!?y front door! Wouldn't you rather be out of there?!

NEVER pick up hitchhikers!: That never ends well!

Don't wonder off to have some 'fun' with your partner: The naked/half dressed ones always die first!

If there is a knock at the front door in the middle of the night, and you can see no one out there, don't go outside and check!: Just don't! You saw no one there, just don't!

The prank caller breathing heavily down your phone is already in your house, just get out of there: Enough said, if someone rang me and did that, I wouldn't just pretend that it was nothing and just go about my normal business.

If your phone is disconnected and still rings, swerve answering it: It's not plugged in, it should not be working! Go stay at a friends house or something!

Never repeat any names in front of a mirror: Bloody Mary, The Candyman etc.. JUST DON'T!

Tool up!: Find yourself some sort of protection (a knife would be perfect! A gun, even better!)

Leave the strange noises: Don't go to investigate.. Yes, it could be nothing.. But it could also be something!

If you're being chased though a forrest, don't stop to 'take a break' if you think that you have lost the killer: Most of the time, you haven't! You can take a break when this is all over and you are safe!

Turn the light on: If there is a strange noise when you are sleeping, don't just sit up in the dark and look.. then assume it's nothing and lay back down.. Turn the light on!

Always have your phone charged, your keys with you and a full tank of petrol! Be safe!

Can you think of any more tips?

Lily of the valley

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