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I thought that I would have a change of drink the other day in work when I was on my lunch as I get the summer fruits Oasis pretty much every day, I came across this Mango Medley and thought that it would be gorgeous.
I had high expectations of this drink as I really like mango, but it wasn't that nice tbh.. I think that it tasted more like peach too!
I don't think that I would get it again, I wasn't really much of a fan..

A few days ago, on my 'Thinking about..' blog post, I mentioned that I was thinking about trying a Gingerbread Latte from Costa.. Well, I got one! And I was not disappointed! I did expect it to taste more 'gingerbread-y' but it was still yummy!I will definitely be getting this drink again! (and again.. and again..)

Have you tried either of these? What is your opinion of them?

        Lily of the valley

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