October goals review!

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My october goals were: 
  • Watch up to Season 5 of Lost
  • Read 2 more Stephen King books
  • Make an exercise routine and stick to it
  • Settle into my new Job
  • Sort through all my clothes

Did I do them all? I didn't! I know, bad right? Let me off though I just got a new job and I've been busy and it's the first time I have actually set monthly goals! 
I planned the exercise routine but always put off doing it because I was too tired or just couldn't be bothered! aha! I am, however, going to try again in November. I have only read on Stephen King book because I've been busy :( and I have sorted most of my clothes out, I haven't finished yet I left it too long, oops.
On the bright side, I did settle into my Job and I am actually almost on Season 6 of Lost!

Did you set yourself any goals this month? Did you do them all?

                                   Lily of the valley

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