Should age gaps matter in a relationship?

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So here is the end of the second poll on my blog 'Should age gaps matter in a relationship?'. 50% of you said No and 50% of you said Depends, I'm with all of you that went with Depends.. Love is love and I don't think it matters but when it comes to like a 30 year age gap, for example, then I think that it's a little weird.. 
I was a little shocked that no one voted for Yes, as people seem to judge age gaps in a negative way on TV, or online etc.. I wouldn't say it was 'wrong' because i'm sure that in some cases it is actually love and it feels right for them.. I just couldn't see myself ever being in a relationship with that much of an age gap.

My new poll is up now if you fancy taking a few seconds out of your day to have a little vote!
'Do you prefer reading the book or watching the film?'
Thank you :)
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