Secret Santa!

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On Wednesday in work, all the staff had a roast dinner with all the children and it was also the day we get and give our Secret Santa presents!

The meal was lovely, we got all the children together in one room, even the babies and all sat down together!
I've never done a Secret Santa so it was a new thing for me but I think it is lovely, Now, on to my Secret Santa present!
How cute is it? I spent all of my lunch trying to open it! You'll never guess what is inside, I assumed that it was biscuits or something..
When I finally opened it, I was surprised (as I thought it was food) but happy!
It smells absolutely yummy! It contained a Loofah, some Body Lotion, some Cream Bath and two Bath Bombs! The tin is so adorable too so when I've used everything, I can keep it and put some sweets or something in it!
I love this present, it's so me.

                             Lily of the valley

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