A few favourite Christmas presents..

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I got this Perfume Set off of my mum and dad and I am completely in love with it! It's Simply Divine by M&S, have you smelt it yet? Love it! It came with body lotion, bath crystals, body shimmer and a cute flower that smells lovely!

This beautiful Bracelet is from my lovely younger sister, Jodie. Isn't it just perfect? It's silver with a white gold finish, she just couldn't have got me a better present!
Here is a closer look..

Along with the bracelet, my sister also got me this wonderful Clock and a Pin Up Calender! Who has the best sister in the world? I do!

As well as having the best sister.. I also have the best boyfriend ever! Chris brought me a 3ds! he also got me Animal Crossing New Leaf! What a BABE! I haven't been off it since, I love it!

What are some of your favourite Christmas presents?
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