January goals review!

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It's that time again! Did I complete them all?

My January goals were: 
  • To finish all of my January paperwork
  • To do at least 2 YouTube videos
  • Say 'yes' more
  • Exercise at least once a week
  • Eat healthier

For once,  I am actually excited to write this blog post as this is the first time that I have actually completed all of my goals!! Yay!! 
I have finished all of my January paperwork, I have made more than 3 videos (YouTube Channel), I have said 'yes' to more things (like going out when I really wanted to just go to bed), I have exercised at least once a week, I have also started to eat healthier.. I have cut down on snacking and takeaways and I have also been drinking loads of water.

Did you set yourself any goals this month? Did you complete them?

           Lily of the valley

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  1. Congratulations! I've done pretty terribly on my goals for the month so far but tomorrow is a new month to start again!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

    1. Thank you! :) Yes it is, Good luck! :)
      Danielle xo