A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly..

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Did you guess what that quote is out of?! If you did, then I automatically love you..

This is one of my favourite childhood books, I just love it to pieces! Did you have this book? I can never see myself giving away/selling this book, I'm keeping it with me forever it's just too special to me! After all these years I still haven't took the price off because I don't want to ruin it.. 

When I was younger, I always (not an exaggeration) used to read 'The Twits' to my sister in bed, God knows how many times I actually read it to her.. aha! Have you read The Twits? The Twits was always our favourite story in this book, It's still mine! (Is it still yours, Jodie?) 

My favourite bit is when all the animals turn their house upside down! Aha! It's just hilarious!
What was your favourite bit?

The End..

                      Lily of the valley

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