What makes me happy #9

by - 16:54:00

Wow, am I really up to number 9?

Exploring & walking around new places/old buildings: I just love getting lost in the surroundings, especially old buildings.. so interesting.

Museum trips: Who doesn't love walking round museums?! This is a picture I took when I visited York Castle Museum with my boyfriend, it's my new favourite museum and if you visit York you NEED to go there and have a wander round.

Costa!: Ft. my favourite, The Strawberry Cooler! Yum yum yum! What's your favourite drink to get from Costa?

Subway!: A foot long Italian with chicken and cheese (warmed up) lettuce, onion, mayonnaise and LOADS of south west sauce! *drools* What's your sub?

My dog: My dog is one of the best things that has happened to me, I love her to bits! To find out more about here read my Pet Tag blogpost.

What makes you happy?

                                   Lily of the valley

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