My Nerdy Me Tag!

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1. If your house was burning down and you could only grab one book, which book would it be and why?

Oh I don't know, what a hard question.. I don't think that I can answer this, lets just hope that I never get put in that situation.. ha!

2. When you get stuck into a really good book how long will it take you to read it?

Depends how 'stuck in' to it I am, I have read a book in like hours and I'm not even joking.

3. Have you ever become totally obsessed with a book or a series of books before?

Not a series of books or a book itself, I have been a little obsessed with and author (Iain Rob Wright) that I have mentioned loads on my blog. When I first discovered him, he had around 8 books out and I read them all one after another taking hardly any breaks. I can't wait for his new one to be out in May!

4. On average how many hours a week do you spend on the computer?

I used to spend SO many hours on my laptop, but now that I have a full time job I don't really go on it much during the week. On Friday nights and Saturdays, I am on my laptop quite a lot usually though.

5. It is Saturday night and all your friends are going out to a party but on Monday morning you have a really important maths exam that you know you need to study for even though you will probably pass. Do you a) not study, go to the party and hope that you pass, b) study for an hour or so and meet your friends a bit later on or do you c) not go out and study hard so you are fully prepared for Monday mornings exam?

When I was doing my exams in real life, I would have chosen C.. But now I would probably choose B.

6. Do you sometimes come across as anti-social in some situations? If so when?

When travelling by bus or coach, I get very travel sick and tend to just stare out of the window and if someone is talking to me I refuse to turn my head and look at them because I am so scared of being sick.. ha! They always get an apology from me though!

7. What music do you love listening to that others would see as weird or totally un cool but you love anyway?

Jazz (literally just asked my boyfriend!), I personally disagree with it being weird of uncool but y'know..

8. Have you ever sat there and completely planned out your whole entire life?

Yes! I'm pretty sure that we all have at some point.

9. What TV shows are you obsessed with that other people think are so nerdy?

American Horror Story (once again, asked my boyfriend.. it's a good job he's here!)

10. Now say three other nerdy facts about you.

I love love love being organised, I always write to-do lists and carry one or two notepads in my handbag! I'm a little obsessed with sticky notes and using them to colour co-ordinate everything! I keep souvenirs of trips and things that I go to/do with my boyfriend and I stick them to my wall, I still have a train ticket from the day that we got together (1/7/10), It's almost completely faded though! But the memory is still there.

I tag everyone one of you lovely people who have read this post! If you do this tag, leave a link in a comment below and I will check it out :)

                                   Lily of the valley

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  1. Hi, just dropping by to let you know I did this post on my blog, I hope you don't mind. I linked back to here though - thank you for the great questions

  2. Of course I don't mind! :)
    Danielle xo