What makes me happy #10

by - 20:14:00

New make up: It is just perfect, so smooth and untouched! aha!

Hidden messages: Messages that people write for you, and they hide it somewhere for you to find a while later. The one above, which is now on my wall, I found in my jewelry box years and years a go. I recently also found one in my pile of sticky notes, I asked my dad when he wrote it and he said it was ages ago, that is now stuck in my year diary aha. I just love it.

Deliveries: Especially if it's those clothes you have ordered and have been waiting for for ages ;)

Freshly dyed hair: So silky, smooth and shiny.. Too bad it doesn't stay so perfect!

A tidy room: I fully tidied my room today and I feel much better! Lets see if it stays this tidy.. ha!

What makes you happy?                  
               Lily of the valley

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