A conspiracy a week: Is Elvis dead?

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Conspiracies are something that I find so interesting.. I love reading about them, watching videos about them and basically just learning more about the theories and other people's opinions.
I'm going to talk about a different conspiracy each week, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

The first one is one that I only first heard about on Saturday.. Is Elvis dead?

Some people believe that The King did not actually die.. if you had asked for my opinion before researching all the facts, I would have said that this theory is a load of rubbish and of course he died.. But there are some things that, if they are actually true, make me doubt that The King did die..

  1. On his tombstone, his middle name is misspelled. It is written as 'Aaron' instead of 'Aron', his father would not have let this happen at all! His name was apparently misspelled on his birth certificate and his father went to great lengths to get it changed to the correct spelling.
  2. Two hours after Elvis' death was announced to the public, a man who apparently looked remarkably like Elvis, purchased a ticket for Buenos Aeries using the name John Burrows (which is an alias that Elvis had previously used several times).
  3. According to handwriting experts, it was Elvis' own hand writing on his death certificate.
  4. The Medical Examiners report said that the body was found in a different room and position than what was stated on the Homicide report.
  5. Dee Presley (his stepmother) reported getting a phone call from someone who sounded exactly like Elvis and said things that only Elvis would know.
  6. The body in the coffin had a different nose and arched eyebrows, it was also reported that on of 'his' sideburns was falling off and had to be glued back on by a hairdresser.
You see? Some of these possible facts really make you think, don't they?

What is your opinion?

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