Make-up bag essentials

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Everyone has those certain items in their make-up bag that they just couldn't live without, I thought that I would share mine with you :)

1- Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Black Brown - This isn't as dark as I thought it would be, which is great because I no longer draw my eyebrows on, it's great for just filling them in.
2- Rimmel Wake Mme Up Concealer in Ivory - I can't tell you just how much I love this product, it is just wonderful! It really is the best concealer that I have ever used (not exaggerating)
3- Rimmel Lip Liner in Ruby Red - This goes with all my red lipsticks (and I have a lot of them!), it's just brilliant.
4- Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Ivory - This is by far my favourite foundation in the World! Well, out of those that I have tried.. I've used it for years and I still love it so much!

I would love to hear about your make-up bag essentials? 

                          Lily of the valley

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