Meet the newest member of our family!

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Readers, meet Brian!
(He loves to stand on one leg, apparently it means that they are relaxed? I don't know)

I literally woke up on Sunday morning (hungover!) to the sound of squawking.. Chris and I were in bed listening for at least 15 minutes before deciding that its definitely a bird.. So I got out of bed and there's a parrot just chilling in my front room!

Brian (who dad named) is a 7 month old Jenday Conure and he is a cheeky little thing!

Look at his colours, isn't he just beautiful?!

My dog loves him! Although, she gets jealous.
She got jealous of me taking pictures of Brian so I just had to take one of her! (I promised that I would add it to this blog post!)

Look at her little pose!
                                Lily of the valley

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