Some birthday gifts..

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Last Saturday (10.05.14) I turned 20! Wahoo!

I thought that I would show you lovely people some of the presents that I was given :)
A frog shower cap (YES!), a bow-belt, 2 french lavender candles (my fave) and a packet of rainbow drops (also my faves!).
 A plaque to put on my wall with a lovely saying on and a pillow with another saying on.
 A chalkboard weekly to-do list thing (perfect for me!).
A perfume set (which smells gorgeous!) with body lotion and shower gel, a floral mug (I love me some florals), a book, a DVD, my all-time favourite shower gels and a geranium candle (mm).
And the most gorgeous watch ever.

                               Lily of the valley

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