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Reading.. This book is good up to now, I'm so jealous of Ethan and Jorie's relationship they are perfect together! I haven't really read much of this book yet though so I can't say much!

Listening to.. Imelda May!! I recently discovered her when I received my Vintage Life magazine and she is wonderful!

Watching.. I have just finished watching Breaking Bad and now I feel lost aha! Currently deciding what to watch next!

Can't wait for.. Hemlock Grove Season 2!! and AHS!!

Thinking about.. Ideas for new YouTube videos.. I'm really thinking about doing singing videos, I have been told that I can sing by quite a few people and I've always wanted to do these videos, I just lack the confidence! I have also been thinking about videos where Ii read children's books, this might sound weird to you but I'm a qualified nursery nurse and I used to love story time in work! Do you think that this would be a good idea? Or should I just not?

Loving.. Rubicon Mango!! Oh my gosh!

Hating.. Banana.. I made a smoothie the other day and put too much banana in, it was horrible! So I gave it to my sister, aha!

Lily of the valley

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